China – Market Full of Possibilities

China – Market Full of Possibilities

Happy Textiles is excited to offer companies from Finland and other Nordic countries a tailor-made market-entry program for the Chinese market together with our partner Titan Accelerator.

Understanding how to enter the complex Chinese market is critical, and a lack of local understanding – and a lack of a local partner – is one of the reasons why many fail. Breaking into the China market successfully is best accomplished with a local partner, who can guide you through the cultural, legal, sourcing, and IPR challenges. Let Happy Textiles and our partner Titan Accelerator be your trusted partners as you learn more about entering Chinese market.

Get ready to enter Chinese market

“The Chinese business opportunity is simple math, really. China is the world’s second largest economy with population of 1.4 billion, and Finland is the closest neighbour in Europe to China. We have a fantastic opportunity to do more business in China,” says China market expert and one of Happy Textiles’ investors Peter Vesterbacka.

Indeed, China represents a huge potential market for Nordic design, technology and textile industries. China’s economy keeps growing by double-digit rates, and China offers a fast-paced and diversified market with consumers who have a lot of cash to spend. There are multiple Nordic brands that have already become popular in the Chinese market, and there is a vast interested for more. The size of the market is so large, that even if you break through in one part of one large city, the revenue possibilities can outweigh possibilities in Finland.

China has been seen as a highly sophisticated manufacturing country, but there is a large potential market for foreign manufactured goods as well. Besides consumer products, Chinese market is also open for Finnish educational programs and services, and even for winter sports education!

Losing intellectual property rights (IPR) is one of the worries many Western companies have when entering Chinese market. IPR are not automatically protected in China, even if you have them already registrations in other countries. China has been improving the legal protection of IPR in the past few years, but tackling just this issue alone calls for a knowledgeable local partner.

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Happy Textiles China Market Program

We kicked off the Happy Textiles China Market Program with our first bootcamp to China in fall 2018, and are continuing the program in 2019. Among the bootcamp attendees was fashion designer and an entrepreneur from Helsinki, Kirsi Lille of Lille Clothing.

“The Happy Textiles Bootcamp was my first trip to China. It was an educational and positive experience, and helped to clear out preconceived opinions. The compressive and high quality program helped to see multiple business opportunities,” said Kirsi Lille.

The first step in Happy Textiles’ program to China is a one-week long bootcamp in Futzhou.
The content of the bootcamp will be partly adapted according to the participants’ field and interest. Factory visits, and sourcing information are also available.

During the bootcamp the participants will learn about Chinese business culture and etiquette, and hands on information how to start a business in China as a joint venture company. Special attention is given to how to find funding, and how to get your business running fast. After the one week bootcamp attendees will have an understanding about taxation, patents, copyrights, legal agreements, accounting and how to run a company in China. In addition the bootcamp will go through marketing and positioning in China, including the retail, pop-up and ecommerce possibilities, and how social media is different in China.

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The information event is held in Finnish, but we are happy to serve you in English as well. The bootcamp will be held in English.