Colombian academic and business delegation visiting Happy Textiles

September 26, 2019 htbadmin

Colombian academic and business delegation visiting Happy Textiles

Colombian Family Compensation Fund (Asocajas) visited Finland to learn from the Finnish educational model, innovations in education, entrepreneurship, employment and the business-academy relationship in Finland. As part of the delegation program, Happy Textiles had the honor to tell about the startup scene and how innovations are fostered in public-private co-operation in Finland.

Serial entrepreneur and startup business angel Peter Vesterbacka explained how new startups emerge in Finland and how society can support entrepreneurship and innovations.



Together with Peter Vesterbacka, partner and advisor of Happy Textiles, we can present the Finnish startup and business environment, and offer international collaboration and connections. One of our key missions is to advance the internationalization of Finnish expertise and know-how in textile and design industry. Hosting international high-level delegations is one example of enabling collaboration.

We want to thank Meri Seistola , from Mediakasvatus Metka, for connecting us with the Colombian delegation.

Colombian Family Subsidy System and the Family Compensation Funds

The Colombian family subsidy system is the set of institutions, policies and regulations aimed at the integral protection of both the workers and their families. The funds provide social services for their members such as recreation, culture, education, health prevention, housing benefits, credit and protection for unemployment. Established 65 years ago, the funds are well known and appreciated by the different regions in Colombia.


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