CuteCircuit – pioneer of merging technology with fashion

September 6, 2019 htbadmin

CuteCircuit – pioneer of merging technology with fashion

Francesca Rosella is a fashion designer, architect, wearable technology visionary, creative
director, and sustainability champion.

After earning a degree in interior architecture from the Istituto Europeo di Design Rome,
she worked at haute-couture house Valentino, and then completed a Master’s degree in
Sustainable Design, and a second Master’s degree in Interaction Design from the
prestigious Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy. It was here that she not only learned
about microelectronics and human-computer interaction and gained an understanding and
appreciation of how technology and innovation can improve life, but also focused on the
creation of future user-focused scenarios.

She studied a curriculum devised by Royal College of Art professor Gillian Crampton
Smith, Stanford professor Bill Verplank, MIT Media Lab professor John Maeda, and IDEO
co-founder Bill Moggridge, in an environment modelled after the knowledge sharing,
creativity, and enthusiasm of the original Bauhaus that had already inspired her as an
architecture student. Francesca soon took an interest in wearable technology and in 2004
she founded CuteCircuit, the world’s first wearable technology fashion brand, pioneering
the merging of fashion with technology and creating groundbreaking award-winning fashions
that have been featured in exhibitions and publications all over the world.

Additionally, in 2018, one of CuteCircuit’s designs, the SoundShirt, was honored by Fast
Company in three Innovation by Design categories: Fashion and Beauty, Experimental, and
Social Good, and in January 2019 it was selected to be part of the annual exhibition at the
World Economic Forum in Davos. Francesca received the Netexplo Innovation Award
2019 from UNESCO for creating technology that improves lives. Francesca holds a number
of patents in the field of wearable technology, such as sensor-enhanced fabric
constructions and multimedia wearable telecommunication devices.

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