DJK – unique digital pattern design

August 30, 2019 htbadmin

DJK – unique digital pattern design

We proudly present DJK Design Jaana Kähönen, Happy Textiles’ member who is a specialist in unique digital pattern design. Some of DJK’s designs will be presented at Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki, the industry showcase in November at Kaapelitehdas.

DJK can design patterns for a large variety of surfaces for personal use, homes and offices. Patterns are mostly printed on fabrics, but in addition, they can be used for wallpapers, dishes, ceramic tiles and other surfaces.

DJK’s typical  patterns are based on image edited photographs. DJK takes advantage of what modern digital printing technology has to offer – and has i.a. developed methods to get new dimensions to the outcome by using several image editing programs simultaneously.

The specificity in digital pattern design is that there is no limitation on color separation, specified pattern length (to rotary printing) or high-volume product orders. The pattern is printed to the fabric like a picture. The repeat pattern can fill the whole width of the fabric and the length can be up to 100 cm, which is not possible in conventional printing. Taking advantage of all these benefits can make the pattern appear as unusual, impressive and even three-dimensional.

DJK is collaborating with Swedish digital textile printing house Elobina, known for sustainable small-scale production. Designer contract with Elobina enables that more than 20 of DJK’s digital patterns can be chosen from Elobina’s DJK Designer Pages and be printed on more than 50 diverse fabric and textile products. The printed fabrics or products can be delivered to any desired location in Europe directly from Elobina.

DJK uses several textile materials in the works, but mostly velvet, cotton, silk and linen.  In some cases, fire redundant fabrics and other special functional materials are used. The ready-made textile products – for example large interior or acoustic boards or clothes for women – are assembled and sewn in Finland.

Many of the patterns are inspired by the landscape and nature in Mathildedahl, a village in Salo in Southwest of Finland, where DJK has a pop-up-gallery during the summer season. The Finnish nature gives Jaana Kähönen constantly ideas, with it is changing colors and light throughout the year. Besides from nature, she gets inspiration from art, ancient cities, animals, sail boats, aeroplanes – all phenomena of life have beauty that can be presented in patterns.

In addition to DJK’s own designs, it is possible to order customized designs on particular color schemes, hobbies or preferences. Customer’s own pictures or company logos can be used in the design. For company use, DJK designs for i.a. offices, public places, fairs, hotels, restaurants, medical centers and shipbuilding.




Jaana Kähönen in front of her pop-up-gallery in Mathildedahl.

A background in IT business gives Jaana Kähönen an excellent base for digital pattern design. Adapting new technologies and using multiple photo editing programs fascinates her, and enables the constant developing of new ways of working.

In design, at least as important as technical skills is the creativity and the eye for beauty and color. Photography has been Jaana’s dear hobby since childhood, which she now can fully combine with her work. Her former interior design and economics studies and knowledge also support her business.

“Best in my work is to meet different kinds of people and receive direct feedback. It is very rewarding to make people happy with my work. The fact that I can constantly learn new things, keeps me going. I’m grateful for being able to do what I love”, says Jaana Kähönen.