Finnish smart textile showcase at Techtextil Frankfurt

May 23, 2019 htbadmin

Finnish smart textile showcase at Techtextil Frankfurt

In collaboration with German Sourcebook GmbH , Happy Textiles attended the Innovation Roadshow Frankfurt at Techtextiles together with three Finnish smart companies presenting the latest technology expertise from Finland.

Spinnova – the sustainable fabric company

This small company located in Central Finland has succeeded in something that most companies only dream of: they have created a sustainable innovation that can have a groundbreaking significance in the industry. Spinnova’s disruptive ecological innovation turns cellulose and waste streams into textile fibre simply without dissolving or any harmful chemicals.

Co-founder Juha Salmela chosen to European CTO of the year and Emmi Berlin the Head of Communications at Spinnova.

In short, the main differentiator of Spinnova’s method to all other cellulose-based fibre processes is that they don’t use dissolving pulp or dissolving processes. Dissolving is used in man-made cellulosic textile fibre processes to break the cellulose into a fine composition called polymer dope, to form a fibre suitable for textiles. Until now, this has only been possible by breaking the fibre up with chemicals. The cellulose that comes into Spinnova’s process is micro fibrillated cellulose, which, after a pulping process at a pulp mill, is only mechanically ground into a very fine form.

The fibre is still in the R&D phase and not commercially available. It seems like it’s suitable for all kinds of textiles: clothes, home textiles, shoes, upholstery, industrial and medical textiles. In its most natural form the fibre feels like cotton or linen. There are a lot of innovations out there for organic substances that can be implemented in the textile industry processes and replace more harmful ones.


Spinnova’s fluffy and soft fibre aroused a lot of interest among the visitors

In May Spinnova announced news that they will become part of energy company Fortum’s bio-based ecosystem creating agricultural waste to textile fibre. They entered into a disruptive strategic partnership within Fortum’s bio-based business focusing on resource efficiency. The objective is to turn agricultural waste streams into textile quality fibre with Spinnova’s technology. This partnership is a great match between several megatrends: the energy industry’s shift away from fossil fuels, the textile industry’s need for sustainable materials and cellulose innovation sprung from Finland’s legacy forest industry.

“Spinnova’s disruptive technology is unique in the world. We are delighted to be able to pilot it together using innovative raw materials, especially agro residues”, says Heli Antila, Vice President, Biobased solutions at Fortum.


Planno – textile integrated sensing solutions

D.Sc. Elina Ilén, the founder and CEO of Planno company, has 20 years global experience of innovation management, R&D projects, production ramp-ups and quality management of wearable electronics, high-tech textiles and garments. In addition, she is a Post Doc Researcher at Aalto University, School of Arts and Design with the main topic: The Long term vital functions measurements via textiles electrodes for medical research and diagnostics.


The founder and CEO Elina Ilén is an experienced wearable electronics and high-tech textiles expert 

The sensing textile adds, expands and improves the properties of the original textile application. The sensing solution enables the clothing or textiles to record, analyse, transmit and display the data. In addition, the sensing textiles materials are lightweight, flexible, elastic, washable and can even tolerate decontamination procedures like disinfection and sterilization.

A textile sensor is able to detect and measure the user and the environment. Textile electrocodes are comfortable and soft during use. Among other things, the sensors can measure heart rate, stress level (ECG), brain function and vitality level (EEG), muscle rate and balance ((EMG), body composition (EBI) and lung function (EIT).

“The service concept of Planno covers all the back-end services from idea creation to production management. We have a reliable and global network of professionals and suppliers in the entire supply chain of textile-based products”, explains D.Sch. Elina Ilén.

Planno company can manage the concept design process including data gathering, facilitation of workshops and idea evaluations. They are also involved in product design, prototyping, electronic component integration and validating. Planno carries out production management via their global supplier network managing the whole global supply chain.

The reference list of the former and on-going projects is impressive. Among other companies, Elina Ilén has worked with Philips, Polar, Suunto and Reima. She is co-inventor of five patents in the area of wearable technology and is the inventor of ReimaGO-concept (


Myontec – intelligent clothing

Myontec technology is patented, scientifically validated, proven, and globally used by professionals in healthcare and sport. Myontec is the cutting edge wearables company which takes muscle activation technology – electromyography (EMG) – out of the lab, for a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior.

Thomas Kingelin Business Development and Janne Pylväs CEO of Myontec encourage you to know your muscles.

The idea of Myontec wearables is that they deliver technology seamlessly, without having to operate or carry anything – you simply wear it. You can monitor your muscle load, balance and other variables in real time using your mobile phone. The Myontec technology transfers the bio-signals into simple user interface and analyses. You can download your exercise afterwards into cloud service, analyze and compare your progress.

With Myontec technology you have basically complete human performance lab in one wearable solution. It can be utilized in elite sport, everyday athlete and rehabilitation. Real-time and post exercise analysis provides coaches and athletes a tool to measure, monitor and analyze performance. The technology offers a new perspective to rehabilitation processes as it provides you with muscle-group specific data both in real-time monitoring and post analysis and grants you with the ability to evaluate performance across different stages and conditions.

“Myontec’s Mbody is an excellent addition for modern sports coaching. Measuring muscle activity gives huge value to everyday analysis, coaching and training; coach and athelete can get crucial information about muscle contraction levels, intensity and recovery during the exercise” says Tapio Korjus, Director of Kuortane Olympic Training Center.

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