Happy Textiles Membership Platform Now Launched

April 23, 2019 Katja

Happy Textiles Membership Platform Now Launched

Welcome to join as a Happy Textiles Member!

We are excited to announce that Happy Textiles Membership Platform is now open for our members! This is the first step in building our platform to serve people, companies and organizations in the textile technology industry.

Why join?

Members can create a profile on our website and access to the community. You will get publishing right on our public-facing digital platform, and we promote the best content on social media.

Members get discounts on our services, and events. We also host some free events for our members. Other member benefits include possibilities for partner and expert matching, visibility in our events or to start new local textile technology community chapters.

Who is the membership for?

We are building a business-to-business community for textile technology professionals, providers and purchasers – and for all others who are interested in the textile technology industry. Our members are companies, educational institutions, professional experts and designers, as well as students.

Designer, innovator, business leader, student, teacher, engineer… our members come with different backgrounds. What unites us is the interest in the textile technology industry.

Happy Textiles is here to connect and start the conversation cross industry borders to speed up the to-go market time for new innovations in textile technology industry.

Two different kinds of memberships: enterprise and personal

Currently we offer two kinds of memberships, Enterprise Membership for companies and organizations, and Personal Membership for professional individuals. The difference is that with the Enterprise Membership you will be able to create a membership profile for your company, but with the Personal Membership you will be able to create a personal profile.

The Enterprise Membership requires one contact person for the company, and currently we can not add multiple contact persons for each company. Each additional member from the same company will have to create their own additional personal account. The Enterprise Membership profile should reflect the entire company.

The Personal Membership will be your personal profile, where you can add your company name, but it is not required. The Personal Membership profile reflects you as a professional individual.

Welcome to our community!

We look forward helping you to reach your commercialization goals in the textile technology industry.

Got questions about the membership? Contact Heli Vainio at heli.vainio@happytextiles.fi

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