Hear and Feel the Sound by Flexound Augmented Audio

February 15, 2019 Heli Vainio

Hear and Feel the Sound by Flexound Augmented Audio

In our smart spaces and surfaces meetup we got to know Flexound, and test their latest product. Read more about Flexound Augmented Audio.

Hear and feel the sound by Flexound Augmented Audio

As an inspiring case introduction of successful smart solutions we heard the story of the 2015 founded Finnish tech startup Flexound, which has combined audio and sensation of touch in a unique way. Their patented invention is called Flexound Augmented Audio™

Company’s top product HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion ™ can be connected by Bluetooth to any audio source. At the same time you can both hear and feel the sound. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™ is developed for music listening, gaming, movie watching and wellbeing like biohacking, relaxation and therapy.

“Besides the audio technology we have very high standards and requirements for the quality of the fabric as well. It has to be fire safe, CE-marked, soft and have cellular structure. In addition, it needs to look beautiful as it is part of the decor” says Sales Manager Heli-Anne Rupponen.

Flexound Augmented Audio™ can be integrated among other things to furniture like cinema chairs or car seats, and there are endless possibilities for product development. Flexound has a global distribution network and a webshop, and the products are available for industry, institutions and consumers.

During the introduction we had the possibility to test the HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion ™. When I felt and hugged the cushion, it was exactly like having a purring cat in my lap. It felt very soothing and relaxing, it is amazing how hard technology can feel so soft and human!