Highlights from Techtexil trade fair in Frankfurt

May 29, 2019 htbadmin

Highlights from Techtexil trade fair in Frankfurt


Shining pillows, dress from metal and jeans made from recycled fiber,  these and many other innovations caught the eye at the trade fair. Overwhelmed by the huge variety of interesting innovations, we picked a couple of the most interesting companies and products.

Infinited fibres wants to save the planet

In our previous Techtextil blog, we told about the Finnish sustainable fibre company Spinnova. Now we want to shortly present another Finnish fiber company Infinited fibres.

They have created a technology that allows textile, cardboard and agricultural waste to be used again and again, still preserving 100 % quality.

The core of the technology consists of three key processes: fiber separation, turning material into liquid and turning liquid into fiber.

Infinited fiber’s business idea is to license the technology to all industry players to meet the brand owner’s demand. The company has started collaboration with global fashion brands like H&M and Tommy Hilfiger. At the booth we could see what they have so far achieved together with the big brands: there were mannequins wearing Tommy Hilfiger’s jeans and a H&M’s T-Shirt made of this new invented recycled fiber. As a strong contrast to this, there were textile waste lying on the floor at the feet of the mannequins. A shocking reminder of the importance of recycling and sustainable consuming.

Infinited fibers is actively looking for like-minded change agents to join to forces and make the change. They want to create and be part of an ecosystem of good fashion business.

Inka smart elastics – a new era in webbing has begun

At the fair we met the Finnish company Inka that is the leading manufacturer and supplier of textile webbing in the Nordic countries. For more than 100 years, starting in 1898, they have produced high quality woven and braided narrow fabrics and cords. Inka manufactures, processes and sells woven and braided high quality webbing products for industrial use.

Inka is now developing an elastic band that conducts energy and transfers information. The innovation is currently being technically finalized, and going through the patenting process. When the product is available for the market, it will be an easy and low-cost alternative for smart clothing.

The elastic band is easily connectable to different types of sensors that can track or measure physiological or biometric attributes. The width of the band, number of the copper wires and the length of the report can be customized according to client needs. In addition, it is machine-washable which makes it suitable for several application areas.

Smart Textiles Design Lab Borås

The Swedish Smart Textiles is part of the unique textile cluster in Textile Fashion Center within the University of Borås campus. Smart Textiles creates results together with academia, industry, institutes and politics, and they are the link required for innovative solutions to emerge between the textile knowledge and business.

At the fair they presented a mix of products, prototypes and research results. The main focus were in sustainable textiles. Prototypes with metal wire, integrated fiber optics and photochromic color printing showed how by combining textile in different materials  and with different techniques can create changing pattern images.


The blue dress is knitted from paper from Swedish forest and the grey dress is knitted from metal.



Innovative Future Lightning Technologies

Shining pillows (the first image in the blog) and a shining picture of Audrey Hepburn drew the attention at the fair. The company Future Lightning Technologies has created innovative switching concepts that operate touchless or via gesture.

Future Ligtning Technologies is specialized in lightning concepts using miniature or micro-LED’s, backligtning or trans illumination of all kinds of materials: platics, textiles, leather, artificial leather, chromium décor blends or real wood.

There are several application possibilities for lightning technologies in automotive industry, home and living and wearables.



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