Hovi Creative – impactful sustainability consulting

September 4, 2019 htbadmin

Hovi Creative – impactful sustainability consulting


Hovi Creative is a sustainability and content consultancy that drives positive impact through
creative sustainability solutions, insightful education and meaningful content. Our mission is
to enable resiliency by helping companies with their sustainability goals and actions.

Hovi Creative works always from a design perspective by combining methods from
sustainable design management, design thinking, and trend-forecasting. We believe that no
sustainable action is too small to start with, after all, even a jogging hobby is started with
small spurts, not a marathon. Sustainability is a complicated and fuzzy entity and the
definitions vary. Often the companies are already making significant progress that could be
labelled as sustainable, but are unsure how to communicate these actions. That’s when Hovi
Creative comes along. We guide, facilitate, train and communicate sustainable strategies
and actions.

We think that sustainability should be an incremental part of all companies’ strategies and
efforts. That’s why we offer sustainability strategy services, as our goal is to integrate
sustainability into companies everyday operations and decisions.


Hovi Creative was founded in 2018 out of Karoliina’s personal motivation to enable
companies to be more responsible towards the environment and people. Having worked in
fashion for more than 15 years, Karoliina was painfully aware of fashion’s sustainability
challenges. Before starting her own company, she was working as a fashion designer,
trend-forecaster and development manager. Even though these positions were really
interesting and creative, there was no real chance to make a positive impact. The frustration
led to a strong urge to start working along with one’s values and while simultaneously
promoting sustainable development. Studying at Aalto University gave her new perspectives,
knowledge and finally the courage to take a leap of faith. In August 2019, the team grew with
a new member as Meri joined the company.


Hovi Creative’s combination of creative content skills and sustainability expertise helps to
harness the values of meaningful sustainability actions.

● We educate and coach people and companies in all sustainability-related issues.
● We help companies to determine their sustainable design strategy and to discover
the best-suited sustainability actions to match the strategy.
● Our content services cover the whole process, from strategy to content creation,
graphic design and community management.

Hovi Creative’s clients come from different backgrounds and fields, yet they all have one
thing in common: they believe in harnessing sustainability’s possibilities for creating more
resilient companies and organizations.

Do you need to strengthen your skills and knowledge of sustainability, sustainable design,
fashion and marketing? Education and training are one of our pillars as we want to spread
the word about sustainability. Hovi Creative offers sustainability training solutions for
companies and educational audiences. We specialise in sustainability from design and
lifecycle perspective with lectures that are both engaging and comprehensive.

Sustainable design management workshops aim to create a sustainability strategy and set
actions on how to implement it. As consultants and facilitators, we guide the participants
through the workshop. After the workshop, all participants will understand sustainability’s
challenges and opportunities. Together, we identify and ideate solutions on how to address
these challenges.

Sustainability and impact communication is needed when goals are set and efforts are made
as the world needs to know about them. Authentic and real content connects people. Hovi
Creative’s content services cover the whole content creation process, from analysis and
strategy to content creation and community management. We help your content find its
meaning and impact, always with ease.


Hovi Creative is a jolly bunch of strategic creatives, sustainability lovers and design thinkers
on a mission to help organisations to be kinder through meaningful actions. The founder of
Hovi Creative, Karoliina Hovi, has a solid background in fashion, design & marketing.
Karoliina has worked as development manager, trend-forecaster, content creator and
fashion designer. She has an MA from Aalto University International Design Business
Management and Creative Sustainability programs. The passion for advancing sustainability
and talent in creating compelling concepts lead her to found Hovi Creative in 2018.

Project manager Meri Friström-Ståhle joined the team in August. Meri is a versatile retail
professional and has an MBA from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, where she
studied Business Administration and Growth Management. Meri is eager to help you to
uncover the possibilities of sustainability with her project coordination superpowers. Hovi
Creative also cooperates closely with a network of talented professionals, who can join
forces with us in delivering the best result.


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