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Morning coffee and info meetup with Happy Textiles

Time: Tuesday 27.8. at 9:00 – 10:00

Place: NewCo, Ensi Linja 1, Helsinki


How to take advantage of smart textiles and wearables?

Today, there are multiple innovations of different kinds of smart textiles and wearable tech. But what are smart textiles? And what kind of possibilities are there to utilize and commercialize them in the different fields of business? Sini Saalasti, the CEO of Happy Textiles, is opening the discussion and presenting examples of different applications and solutions. As a platform company, Happy Textiles’ mission is to bring together textile, technology, design and service to speed-up the market entry for new companies and innovations.


Unique showcase of textile technologies and new materials

Happy Textiles is arranging a showcase gathering new innovations in textile and wearables related businesses.

The event Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki will take place in Helsinki Kaapelitehdas on:

20. – 21.11.2019 during the Slush week

Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki presents:

  •   Gallery presenting the newest innovations
  •   Seminar and fireside chats
  •   Workshops 
  •   Networking and contacts

 The event is not only showcasing the new innovations and materials, but as well gathering the experts and professionals from textile industry. Meet the right people working with textile technologies and make valuable connections. Seize the unique opportunity to learn, experience and connect.  

Finland – the land of a thousand opportunities in textile-tech 

Finland is an optimal environment for seeding new business and innovations. Having a long history of flourishing textile industry and diverse IT knowledge, there are all needed factors for new kind of businesses and success stories. High-tech expertise combined with textiles and new materials know-how offer endless opportunities, where Finland can lead the way. Being the hub of textile technologies, Helsinki is offering an excellent setup and ground for the new businesses. 

Come to our info gathering and hear more about the following themes:

  1.  What are smart textiles?
  2.  What does the platform company Happy Textiles do and how it can serve you in commercializing   and growing your textile & technology businesses?
  3.   The showcase Happy Textiles Bazaar Helsinki
  4.   Discussions and questions

 The info gathering will be held either in Finnish or English depending on the attendees’ language preferences.

Please sign in to the info and have an inspiring morning with us!

If you wish to be in touch with us before the event, drop us a line mailto:


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