March 7, 2019 Heli Vainio


Moodmetric’s partner and customer experience officer Henna Salonius attended our wellness meetup in February, and presented Moodmetric’s stress measuring ring for us.

Looking for balance

The Moodmetric ring is applicable in many areas of life, it is being used in research, health care, competitive sports and everyday life. It is a good tool for self-knowledge, as by following your stress, you can define and set your personal limits to strain both at work and at home.

“I have worn my Moodmetric smart ring for the last 4 years day and night, and learned a lot about myself during that time. It is not only too much work that can cause me stress, but also nutrition, physical exercise, sleep and social relations have an impact on my wellbeing. It is all about finding the personal balance” Henna describes.

Stress has been a taboo for long, but nowadays people are more open and they can admit having suffered from excessive stress and even burnout. In that sense, the time is right for the Moodmetric smart ring and other devices to help people in recognizing and preventing chronic stress.

We believe that measuring of exercise and wellbeing does make sense. But only measuring is not enough, it is important to know what to do with all the information that your apps have gathered. You can learn to interpret the information and furthermore, you need to find the strength to do the actions to change your life for the better. In your journey to wellbeing you may need both smart solutions and the support and encouragement of other people.


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