Planno – textile integrated sensing solutions

August 14, 2019 htbadmin

Planno – textile integrated sensing solutions



We proudly present Planno, one of the very first members in our community. The collaboration between Happy Textiles and Planno has involved concept creation and networking.

In short, Planno is an expert in utilizing sensing textile technology in data collection.

The company is specialized in embedding wearable sensor technology for different kind of textiles in multiple application areas, like medical and health care, well-being, gaming, professional and protective wear and automotive.

The cutting edge manufacturing technologies like laser cutting and bonding of components enable the invisible and seamless integration of electronics to textile products.


Silicon sensor integration made by Planno

With the help of sensing technology, several body functions can be monitored efficiently and accurately:

  • Heart rate, heart rate variability, heart activity (ECG)
  • Stress level and sleep quality (ECG)
  • Brain function and vitality level (EEG)
  • Muscle rate and balance (EMG)
  • Body motions and postures (EMG)
  • Body composition; fat content and fluid balance (EBI)

In addition, Planno can produce textile based signal and power transfer, detectors and switchers.

Comparing textile sensors with conventional sensors, they do have many advantages:

  • They feel comfortable to the user
  • They are washable
  • The sensors stay at the correct places
  • Easy to use

In medical and health care, these features enable long-term monitoring at home, which can lead to multiple savings for hospitals and the society. In addition, the comfortness of textile sensors is a major criterion considering the patient’s well-being compared with the sensor technology used in hospital that may cause pain and skin irritation.

Approximately 860 million people worldwide suffer from at least one chronic disease. It is said that 25% of them would benefit from a wireless home monitoring (mHealth) -system. Long-term monitoring at home could be used for:

  • Pre-emptive actions for risk groups
  • Following of chronic diseases
  • Detecting and following health after surgery or injury
  • Physical rehabilitation after surgery or injury
  • Medical diagnostics

As an example of a medical project, Planno created a medical hat with sensors monitoring brain stimulation for treatment of depression or chronic pain for the company Sooma.



Planno has had many customers in the sports field as well. For the company Suunto, they redesigned the Movesense bra below.





Flexible and efficient service concept

Planno’s service concept covers all the back-end services from idea creation to production management. They have a reliable and global network of professionals and suppliers in the entire supply chain of textile-based products.

  1. Concept Design
  2. Product design, research and development
  3. Production management via global supplier network
  4. Global supply chain development

Due to an up-to-date material warehouse of components, electrodes and various textile materials, Planno is able to create a new prototype within 2 – 4 weeks.


Elina Ilén – founder presentation



D.Sc. Elina Ilén, the founder and CEO of Planno company, has 20 years global experience of innovation management, R&D projects, production ramp-ups and quality management of wearable electronics, high-tech textiles and garments.

Elina Ilén is active in two roles, she is doing business in her company Planno and doing research funded by the Academy of Finland. The main topic of her Post Doc Research at Aalto University, School of Arts and Design, is The long-term vital functions measurements via textiles electrodes for medical research and diagnostics.

Among other achievements,  she is the inventor of ReimaGO -Concept in year 2015 ( and co-inventor of five patents in the area of wearable technology.

The main drivers in her work is to create user-centerd design.

“ I want to work in projects that enhance the well-being of people and the environment. With the help of Planno’s services, people can feel more comfortable, safer, more courageous and have more self-esteem. I am motivated to provide real value for the user, not just inventing more and more new products” says Elina Ilén.

Having been privileged and got an excellent education in the Finnish education system, Elina wants to contribute to the common welfare and focus on sustainable problem solving. The cornerstone of Planno is to create solutions that make good to people and the society.


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