Happy Textiles Meetup: Smart Spaces and Surfaces Among Us

February 8, 2019 Heli Vainio

Happy Textiles Meetup: Smart Spaces and Surfaces Among Us

Happy Textiles is arranging a series of meetups to discuss smart textiles, materials and solutions under different themes and aspects. We held our first event with the subject Smart spaces and surfaces at our premises at the We+ co-working space in Helsinki last week.

The attendees of the event included a wide range of professionals and students within interior design, textile design and clothing technology. We had lively discussions what is textile at the moment; how it can be functional, reactive, adapting, sentient etc. This is a hot topic as the technologies are now being commercialized.

Wild ideas

We had co-ideation sessions in small groups, and after an intensive brainstorming we came up with some ideas for future smart applications:

  • furniture measuring body temperature
  • lamps measuring room temperature
  • carpets with motion sensors
  • carpets with light
  • textiles with measuring sensors in public spaces
  • self-cleaning and measuring underwear
  • self-cleaning, measuring and soothing bedding, which informs of need of washing
  • What would you add to this list?

Multisensory environments are here

Multisensory environments are a fascinating smart phenomenon. They are mainly created for rehabilitation and for relaxation in public spaces, and they contain equipment and materials to stimulate the senses through light, temperature, sound, touch and smell. One example is offering tactile experiences like touching changing textures that are included in an interactive wall panel.

Multisensory environments benefit people with disabilities and disorders, but also people with stress. Therefore it is likely that multi sensory elements will gradually become more common in private places and homes as well.

Company case: Flexound Augmented Audio

As an inspiring case introduction of successful smart solutions we heard the story of Finnish tech startup Flexound, and we got to test their top product HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion.

Join us in the next meetup

We warmly welcome you to join our meetups. Follow us in the social media and see the upcoming meetup dates and themes for this spring in the calendar. Come and share ideas and network with others – that is what a Happy Textiles meetup is all about!