Techbites: Stretchable Electronics Event in Tampere

March 19, 2019 Katja

Techbites: Stretchable Electronics Event in Tampere


Tampere University organizes three events this year focusing on technology topics. TechBites is a keynote speech and event series where Tampere University brings their experts and special guests stars.

Elastronics 28.3.2019

Grab your TechBites and explore possibilities of stretchable, flexible and wearable electronics – elastronics! Build contacts and join discussions with key people from companies and research teams. The event is held at the Tampere University, Hervanta Campus on March 28th.

The keynote speakers are:

Professor Matti Mäntysalo of Tampere University:  Strechable Electronics – Technologies and Applications.
Professor Donald Lupo of Tampere University: Green Energy for IoT.
Juha Virtanen, Principal Engineer, Wearable Sensors of GE Healthcare: Wearable Patient Monitoring Sensors for Intra-hospital Use.

In addition the event will have pitch and catch session:

1. Reseacher Milad Mosallaei Geometry optimization to improve stretchabilty
2. Reseacher Tiina Vuorinen Printed electrodes for wireless ECG and respiration monitoring
3. Dr. Behnam Khorramdel Inkjet printed circuits
4. Professor Paul Berger High-speed thin-film components
5. Dr. Donato Di Vito Modeling and characterization know how

Who’s it for?

Private businesses and decision makers.

Register now

Register online by 21 March 2019. Check the full details


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