Wired to Wear: wearable technology in Chicago

April 2, 2019 Heli Vainio

Wired to Wear: wearable technology in Chicago

The Museum of science+industry in Chicago opened last week an exhibition showcasing how cutting edge digital technologies transform our clothes.

The museum attendees can experience the merging of technology and the human body. There are jackets that can help you see in the dark, wearables that express your emotions and a jet suit that can transport you at the heights of over 3600 meters. The future of wearables are highlighted in an outstanding way.

According to MSI’s president and CEO David Mosena, wearable technology is at the intersection of design, technology and innovation. The exhibition presents how it is changing the world and what possibilities it brings for the society. Wired to Wear is designed to let guests touch, feel and even try on the different technologies.  After visiting the exhibit the audience will understand that their closet will look different in couple of years.

The showcase features items from brands, designers, engineers, and artists across 15 countries, bringing the world’s most innovative technologies to the spotlight. There are global brands such as Google, Intel, Microsoft and NASA, universities and laboratories including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University, and celebrated artists and designers like Anouk Wipprecht, Behnaz Farahi, Melissa Coleman, Suzi Webster, Jordan Reeves, Lisa Lang, and Amy Winters.

The exhibition will be open till May 2020. See the video for a sneak peak at the exhibition.

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